Usher/Greeter Instructions


The most important part of ushering: be friendly, smile, & make everyone feel welcome. You are the first person a visitor sees, so look your best and be warm and welcoming! Watch for latecomers and offer help and bulletins, if needed.

Before worship:

  • People start arriving as early as 10:10am, so plan to arrive by then.
  • Give bulletins to everybody except children who are too young to read.

During worship:

  • Collect the offering by taking the offering plates to the front pews and work your way to the back. Let people take the plates out of your hands unless they signal for you to keep it. Don't rush people, and be sure not to miss anyone seated in the middle of a pew. Two ushers bring the plates up to the front when we start singing the offering song. Wait to be dismissed by the pastor.

On Communion Sundays:

  • One usher assists each side. Signal for 8-11 people to come forward at a time. (Try to not divide families, if possible.)
  • Once one group is at the altar rail, immediately invite the next group to form a line in the middle aisle.


Greeters now also serve as ushers, with the additional responsibilities below.

Before worship:

  • Arrive by 10:10. On warm days, greet worshipers outside in front of the church. On cold days, greet folks inside the Wilson doors, on the 1st landing. On frigid days, greet folks inside the worship area.
  • Welcome all but especially anyone who looks new, & make them feel welcome before the service.
  • Introduce yourself by name to anyone you don’t know.

During worship:

  • During the Greeting of Peace, look for newcomers and greet them.

After worship:

  • Station yourself down the stairs on the landing & greet people by the Wilson front doors.
  • Invite newcomers to come with you downstairs for refreshments, & introduce them to someone else. (However, do not overdo your welcome - some people will not want to stay afterward.)


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