Reader Instructions

1st Reader:

During the week:

  • Practice the reading out loud several times.

In the service:

  • Come up to the podium during the Greeting of Peace. (A large-print copy of the reading will be on the podium for you, so you do not need a Bible or bulletin.)
  • When all are seated, begin the Prayer of the Day, followed by the 1st reading.

2nd Reader:

During the week:

  • Practice the reading aloud several times.
  • Prepare 1-2 prayers for worship - these may be on any topic, with one preferably on something from the gospel reading. You may use prayers from the front of the hymnal or a prayer book if you do not want to write your own.

In the service:

  • Come to the center aisle during the Gospel Acclamation. Pastor will give you a large-print copy of the reading. Read the 2nd reading, then return to your seat.
  • For the Prayers, go to the podium during the Prayer Song. Lead into the prayers with what is written on the prayer worksheet, then lead us in prayer. You may pray extemporaneously, but this is difficult for many and should be considered only if you are confident that you can pray comfortably without notes. You will end each prayer with, "Lord, in your mercy." (There will be a prayer worksheet in a binder on the podium for you.)
  • After the Prayers, return to your seat.



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