Communion Assistant Instructions

  • When the offering is brought forward, bring the bread & wine from the back at the same time. Come all the way inside of the railing.
  • During the singing and Words of Institution, face the Pastor.
  • Share the piece of bread with the words, "The body of Christ, given for you." Be sure you have some gluten-free wafers.
  • Share the cup with the words, "The blood of Christ, shed for you." Extend the wine closer to communicants than the grape juice, so they will know which is which.
  • If anyone inadvertently eats their bread before dipping it in the cup, let them drink from the cup.
  • If bread crumbles into the cup, when you have finished serving that group, scoop the bread out with the spoon on the altar.
  • If Pastor asks for your assistance, go with him to bring Communion to anyone in the pew unable to come up to the altar railing.
  • Help cover the Communion items on the altar, then return to your seat.


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